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Sep 21, 2012 6:00am EDT
on dunkin' coffee. the first lady comes to baltimore. the reason for michelle obama's visit on fox45 news at five..3 3 -live look camden sox tonight... at fenway park 3 3 3&fbier map 3 police continue to search for the man involved in a deadly hit and run in west baltimore. baltimore.although the crash was caught oo camera... the investigation is still at a standstill.megan gilliland is pere to explain why police need your help now. good morning guys,500 feee from the accident... a bbue liiht camera caught the hit and run on tape... but police use as evidence. too blurry to happened early sunday mornnng.veronica gray and her fiance wallace mazon were crossing the crosswalk at the corner of freemont avenue and winchester when a four door silver sedan crashed into them and then drove off.police say the couple was thrown approximately 70 feet in the air. (36:29)i had to run to the ccrner and actually see my momm in the street that was the most devastating tting in my &ppelvic.....2 broken legs ann injuriessto the face to the liver.(31:47)her brain shifted from the accident. accid
Sep 5, 2012 6:00am EDT
came from first lady michelle obama. -----michelle obama walking with music----- ---- her show americaa... president obama's softer side as a family man and person. she says her husband álivess his values in the white house and that the issues he champions aren't political...but personal to him. well, today, afterrso many sttuggles and triumphs and moments that have tested my husbanddin ways i never could have imagined, i have seen firsthand that being president doesn't change who you are - it reveals who you are." rising young political stars. that's how peoppe aae describing two twin brothers last night. night.grace white joins us live in charlotte this morning with reaction to their ppeeches and the speech given by first lady michelle obama. grace? the speeches last night really electrified the crowd.first lady michelle obama was a big hit.she told the crowd her husband was just like them, someone who has overcome struggles to live the american . dream.but it was two twin virtually unknown on the national stage that also got the crowd going.san antonio mayor julia
Sep 11, 2012 6:00am EDT
white house - resident obama and first lady michelle obama observe a moment of silence on the south lawn to mark the first plane collision with the world trade center 3 3 &p3 map belairfiber wilkensmap later this morning... friends and family will say goodbye to art modell... the former owner of the baltimore ravens... and the man who brought football back to baltimore. baltimore.his funeral is scheduled for 11:00.tomm rodgers is here with more on how he is being rememberrd today... lus your other top since his passinn last thursday... at the age of 877.. he city of baltimore has been honoring art moddll. during last night's home opener at m and t bank stadiuu... there was a moment of silence... silence...nats from game ttibute tribute it was tribute to the man who played an intrumental role in the n-f-l.negotiating the nfl-afl merger... helping to establish nfl films and pushing for mondaa night football.he moved his cleveland browns to baltimmre in 1996.and over the past few days... modell's family has been greeted by fans sharing their storiee... "they just said how much they
Sep 4, 2012 6:00am EDT
.tooight... first lady michelle obama will be speaking.the keynote adddess will be given by san antonio mayor julian castro.he will bb the first latino to give the reporting live in charlotte grace white, back to you. &p 1)barack obama has a tall prder 1)barack obama has a tall order at ttis convention -- re-energize his base, wing some votes ann to &pcreate some enthusiasm with a anemic economy hanging over america -- what does the president need to dd or say in charlotte to do all that?2)how are the democratic party faithful answering the one question that reverberates deeply in vottrs ---are americans bettee off than they were four years ago?3)republicans are suggesting that obaaa's message will be one of tighly controlled defense...that the president can not run n what they call his 'failed' record --grace, what are delegatts telling you? coming up... early shipments are vaccine.but is it a good dea to get one ánow?á... and will it last all season?what recommendatiin the c-d-c has for you. ((megan live ttase))gun fire rings out in baltimore.9 men fatally all within 24 houus... the search fo
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4